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Pancake Holster

A pancake holster is a special type of holster that was designed to cling tight to your body and provide the carrier with a secure means of carrying a gun. The pancakes holster has two main features, which include:

• Two pieces of material flat in shape to hold the gun in place
• The belt slots

How does the pancake holster attach?

Pancake holsters have two or three belt slots, but the most common ones are those with three belt slots. Unlike belt loops, belt slots provide less wiggle room for the holster and as such, hold the holster tighter to your body.

As you wear the pancake holster, ensure you try it out in different positions and settle on the most comfortable one. Remember that drawing your gun should be as natural as possible, especially in an emergency where you don’t want to be fumbling for your weapon so ensure that you’re comfortable with the holster’s position.

How do you pick the right pancake holster size?

Each gun has its specific holster like kydex pancake holster for example. So when shopping, look at the specs of the holster. Most companies indicate which particular gun sizes fit best. It’s rare to find pancake holsters coming with a thumb guard retention, so its only friction that holds your gun in place; this is why finding the right size is extremely crucial.

You wouldn’t want to find yourself in a scenario where because of an oversized holster, your gun falls to the ground while you’re running or in an instance where you fail to draw your weapon in good time because it got stuck longer than usual. By finding the right holster, you can avoid such embarrassing moments.

Dressing for the right carry

With the right pancake holster, the next step is to wear appropriate clothing. Be cautious not to pick long or baggy clothes. Such clothes often draw unnecessary attention and could make people suspect that you’re carrying a firearm. Natural fitting clothing is likely to not get in your way when pulling your gun.

Can anyone wear a pancake holster?

Yes indeed! Anyone can wear a pancake holster. They are quite ideal for people who:

• Have large abdomens
• Experience lower back pain
• Fancy a holster that’s easy to conceal
• Are fed up with bulky holsters that hang off the belt

For you to properly hide a gun carried in a pancake holster, you’ll need to wear a t-shirt or jacket hanging at least 8 inches below your belt line. In a nutshell, if you pick the right pancake holster for your gun, wear it at a comfortable angle and dress in a manner that works with the holster, then you’ll always have a hassle-free shooting!

Glock 19 handguns used for self defence and by police

The glock 19 handguns are the most popular guns in the United States since they are compact, affordable and reliable. These guns are used extensively by the law enforcement agencies like the police, military, civilians for self defense and for training. The handgun was first available for sale in 1988. Since then Glock has released new versions of the handgun, and the Glock 19 Gen 4 is the latest version of the handgun which was introduced in 2010. The Glock handgun is 187 mm long and can be easily concealed if required. It is also fairly light in weight, weighing 855 grams when loaded with a magazine of 15 rounds.

The glock19 handgun is a semi-automatic rifle with a short recoil. While the features of each generations of guns will be different, all of them are made from only 34 different parts. All the parts are made from either steel or a nylon based polymer which has been developed by Glock. The standard magazine supplied with the gun has 15 rounds, though the gun owner can purchase magazines with a different number of rounds like 10 rounds or 33 rounds, depending on their self defense requirement. The Glock guns are considered extremely reliable, and some experts have fired up to 300,000 rounds with a gun, without facing any kind of problem.

The barrel of the Glock gun has polygonal rifling, and this ensures greater accuracy of the gun. The gun is considered to be a safe weapon, which does not fire on its own, unless the trigger is pressed. It will also not fire, if it falls down accidentally. There is small lock in the gun, which prevents the gun from being fired accidentally. However, it does not have a separate safety switch, which is useful for law enforcement agencies, since they want to use their gun quickly. One of the reasons why the gun is popular is that it is affordable with a gun costing approximately $500. It is easy to get ammunition and spare parts since the gun is used extensively.

Top 5 Best Handguns in the World

The handgun is the most common type of firearm that is used not only by soldiers and police forces but also by ordinary citizens for self-defense or sport shooting. Most of the handguns are short-range weapons. They can shoot accurate up to 50 meters.

But which are the best handguns in the world? Here a top 5 list to answer that question.

CZ – 75/85

This is one of the most successful creations of the Czech gunsmiths. Convenience, reliability, and simplicity of design bring this weapon quite a bit of popularity to the west. The CZ-75/85 has excellent range and precise shooting, as well as very good armor piercing capability. Therefore, this is one of the best selling guns of the 21st century.

Heckler & Koch USP

This gun was made by the German company Heckler & Koch in the early ’90s. In 1993, he was admitted to the German Special Forces and had a large number of modifications. Heckler & Koch USP is considered one of the most appropriate weapons for special and police forces. He is extremely reliable and unpretentious, he has a very precise shooting. The weapon can be used in any environment without a problem

Beretta 92

One of the best guns in the world, created by the oldest European weapons company. He was admitted to arms in 1980, using a 9 x 19 mm cartridge. The qualities of this pistol are illustrated by the fact that in 1985 it was accepted as the main weapon (instead of Colt M1911) in the United States Police Forces. Beretta 92 is used by the Israeli army too. Each year approximately 100,000 pistols with various modifications are produced. There are many versions of this gun, the model for the civil market is very popular.

Colt M1911

Second, in our top 5 is a legendary pistol created by genius gunner John Browning before the start of the First World War. This pistol has only experienced a significant modernization in 1926.
The US Army used it in the two world wars, in Korea, Vietnam, and in all the Cold War conflicts. This gun was delivered to Russia during the First World War.
Despite some shortcomings, the Colt M1911 is the most famous and revered gun of the last century.

Glock 17

This is the handgun that heads the top 5, it is a real pillar in the production of short-range firearms. The Glock 17 uses 9 x 19 mm Parabellum cartridges. The story of creating the gun is very interesting. In 1980, a self-loading pistol was launched for the needs of the Austrian army and police. Together with other well-established firms, the unknown Glock GmbH, which previously worked mainly with the supply of army bayonets, excavation tools, and other ammunition, but never with weapons, was involved. However, exactly the Glock 17 pistol won the contest. It is immediately put into mass production.
The gun is extremely precise and accurate, very handy and easy to disassemble. A special feature of this gun is that it does not have a safety button. With Glock 17 you can safely shoot underwater. Separately from the Austrian army, Glock 17 is used by the police forces in more than thirty countries around the world.

The 9mm Handgun

9mm Handgun

There are many different caliber handguns manufactured all over the globe. But one seems to stand out amongst the rest. The 9mm pistol. Because of its size, the 9mm has become one of the most popular sized caliber handguns today. Because of its lightweight frame, it is one of the best choices for open carry or concealed carry protection. It is best described as the overall perfect package. The 9mm packs a decent amount of stopping power along with maintaining a lightweight carry, and a less of a chance of over penetrating your intended target. With the 9mm being a very popular choice when it comes to handguns, its ammunition can be found rather easily. With different grain bullets, the 9mm handgun can pack a decent punch. But the build of it makes it the perfect weight to fire. Used by lots of militaries and police departments all over the world should be a good indication that the 9mm is an overall great gun. There are a lot of different manufacturers that craft 9mm handguns. All which have there own twist on the overall gun. So finding the one that suits you best might be a challenge. But the overall experience of testing each manufactures take on an already amazing gun will be quite a thrilling experience. You just have to figure out which is best for you. Perhaps one with a 180-grain bullet, or perhaps a hollow point. It might be a 9mm compact handgun or one with an extended magazine. All which have many different add ons such as laser sights and scopes. No matter which you choose. You will sure to love the overall stopping power/recoil ratio that makes the 9mm handgun such a great and well-made gun. And will continue to be for w very long time.

4 Ways to Support Our Army

The service members of our Army give so much in service of us and our country. Here are 4 simple ways you can provide support to our Army.

us army

Consider giving a monetary donation to charitable organizations that are dedicated to helping active military personnel. Organizations like the United Services Organization work to provide comfort and security to all branches of the military.
2)Send a Care Package or Personalized Letter
Army members can experience emotionally and physically challenging times during any stage of their deployment. To support our Army, send an individualized care package overseas. A care package can be sent through a company, or you can make one yourself. However you choose to send it, be sure it is filled with the recipient’s favorite foods, hygiene products, and personal mementos. You can also send a heartfelt letter, including information like details of events going on back home and your thanks for their service. Hearing from you will brighten an Army member’s day and remind them of the reasons they are serving.
This way to support our Army can take a lot of forms. You can volunteer at a local VA hospital or with a local military organization. Either way, you’ll be directly involved in bettering the life of Army service members, both past and present.
4)Vocalize Your Thanks – While sending letters to an active military member is a great way to show your support, make sure to frequently vocalize your thanks. If you see someone in public donning a service uniform, let them know you are thankful for their service. This form of support, no matter how seemingly small it may appear, lets our Army know that there are people back home supporting them.

Show your support to our Army by implementing these 4 actions into your everyday life!