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Bulletproof backpack vest

The growing number of unrest these days raises concerns for the safety of oneself and those of their loved ones. As a result of the increased demand from those wishing to protect themselves and their loved ones, a backpack with a bulletproof backpack vest was created. So, what do we actually know about it?
Founding of the company and the product
Brad De Geus and his brother were the first ones who created Kids bulletproof backpack vest. As they themselves stated: “It was all hands on deck all weekend”. The company’s backpacks was simply called “civilian one” and “tactical one” and sell for 330$ to 400$.

How much it costs and where to get it? You do not need to buy the most expensive product and all you need to do to get it is to type “bulletproof backpack vest” into your search bar. Prices are from 99$ to 490$.

What is the best bulletproof backpack vest? “AR500 Armor” is one of the leading names in body armor and personal protection gear. The second place goes to “BulletBlocker” company when it comes to bulletproof backpacks, because this company has the widest selection available. Then we have “Guard Dog Security”, “Spartan Backpack Armor” and the very last “Leatherback Gear”.

Is bulletproof backpack vest legal? The answer is yes and partly no as it depends in which country you are going to use it. In the United States bulletproof backpacks are legal in all 50 states, but in the Argentina and the Brazil it is illegal and in the Thailand you can end up to five years in prison..How much do bulletproof back packs weigh?
They are not very heavy, typically about 1 -2 pounds. So they can be worn both by children and adults.

Now ask yourself – won’t you invest in your own safety and life, which are the top priorities in life?