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Glock 19 handguns used for self defence and by police

The glock 19 handguns are the most popular guns in the United States since they are compact, affordable and reliable. These guns are used extensively by the law enforcement agencies like the police, military, civilians for self defense and for training. The handgun was first available for sale in 1988. Since then Glock has released new versions of the handgun, and the Glock 19 Gen 4 is the latest version of the handgun which was introduced in 2010. The Glock handgun is 187 mm long and can be easily concealed if required. It is also fairly light in weight, weighing 855 grams when loaded with a magazine of 15 rounds.

The glock19 handgun is a semi-automatic rifle with a short recoil. While the features of each generations of guns will be different, all of them are made from only 34 different parts. All the parts are made from either steel or a nylon based polymer which has been developed by Glock. The standard magazine supplied with the gun has 15 rounds, though the gun owner can purchase magazines with a different number of rounds like 10 rounds or 33 rounds, depending on their self defense requirement. The Glock guns are considered extremely reliable, and some experts have fired up to 300,000 rounds with a gun, without facing any kind of problem.

The barrel of the Glock gun has polygonal rifling, and this ensures greater accuracy of the gun. The gun is considered to be a safe weapon, which does not fire on its own, unless the trigger is pressed. It will also not fire, if it falls down accidentally. There is small lock in the gun, which prevents the gun from being fired accidentally. However, it does not have a separate safety switch, which is useful for law enforcement agencies, since they want to use their gun quickly. One of the reasons why the gun is popular is that it is affordable with a gun costing approximately $500. It is easy to get ammunition and spare parts since the gun is used extensively.