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What You Didn’t Know About IWI 941 Jericho Holsters

You have heard about IWI 941 Jericho holsters and want to acquire one, but you don’t have enough details. Please read on to get everything.

These holsters are uniquely designed to hold and conceal your pistol on the inside/outer side of your waistband. They’re built with a Lightweight to offer comfort, rugged for rough use and durability, and thin for concealment. The IWI 941 holsters have various design models with key features, including re-holstering, easy, and fast draw functions.

Your IWI holster offers you several convenient carry positions and styles. You will find models built with excellent retention, thumb break, open top holsters, and covered trigger guards. The designs take care of your secrecy requirements by allowing minimum gun print. You can get your best choice, depending on your preferences and needs.

Main Features and Benefits

High-Quality Material

The IWI Jericho holsters are made using a variety of quality materials like Leather, Polymer, Kydex, and Nylon. The leather options available are Founder’s Leather, Horsehide, and Black Cowhide. Any of these materials are capable of making your holster easy to holster, easy to draw, and comfortable to carry.

Perfect Firearm Holding

Each of the materials making the holsters have an automatic and natural retention ability. That means they’re able to hold the firearm without requiring a physical retention strap. All materials that make the IWI Jericho holsters can even hold the sheath in an inverted position without it falling off.

Custom Tensioner/Attachment Points

Individual holsters come equipped with custom tensioners. You’re able to make tension adjustments depending on your pistol and own preferences. There’re attachment points fitted on the belt loops that allow you to keep your sidearm close to the holster offering more concealment.

Smooth Edges

The holster is made with smooth edges all around. That ensures the holster gets fully protected from scratches and abrasions. It also gets comfortable on your body.
Best Models of IWI 941 Jericho Holsters

There’re many different models of the IWI 941 Jericho Holsters in the market. The following are three top models.

IWI Jericho 941 F- SuperTuck IWB Holster

This Supertuck is one of the best models of the IWI holsters, which is wearable on the inside your waistband. It gets well concealed and is comfortable. It’s made of premium leather backing and fitted with a mounted Kydex pocket making it highly versatile.

IWI Jericho 941 F-DropSlide OWB Holster

This model got its superb qualities from combining the best features of SuperSlide and SnapSlide models. Its leather backer got specially designed to allow for the firm pistol grip. It offers you safe carrying, comfort, and maximum concealment.

IWI Jericho 941-Spektre Pistol Holsters

These holsters are mainly for those people who carry a fighting weapon but want it entirely concealed. The fitting function is superb and can even get configured to fit your style better.