4 Ways to Support Our Army

The service members of our Army give so much in service of us and our country. Here are 4 simple ways you can provide support to our Army.

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Consider giving a monetary donation to charitable organizations that are dedicated to helping active military personnel. Organizations like the United Services Organization work to provide comfort and security to all branches of the military.
2)Send a Care Package or Personalized Letter
Army members can experience emotionally and physically challenging times during any stage of their deployment. To support our Army, send an individualized care package overseas. A care package can be sent through a company, or you can make one yourself. However you choose to send it, be sure it is filled with the recipient’s favorite foods, hygiene products, and personal mementos. You can also send a heartfelt letter, including information like details of events going on back home and your thanks for their service. Hearing from you will brighten an Army member’s day and remind them of the reasons they are serving.
This way to support our Army can take a lot of forms. You can volunteer at a local VA hospital or with a local military organization. Either way, you’ll be directly involved in bettering the life of Army service members, both past and present.
4)Vocalize Your Thanks – While sending letters to an active military member is a great way to show your support, make sure to frequently vocalize your thanks. If you see someone in public donning a service uniform, let them know you are thankful for their service. This form of support, no matter how seemingly small it may appear, lets our Army know that there are people back home supporting them.

Show your support to our Army by implementing these 4 actions into your everyday life!