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Pancake Holster

A pancake holster is a special type of holster that was designed to cling tight to your body and provide the carrier with a secure means of carrying a gun. The pancakes holster has two main features, which include:

• Two pieces of material flat in shape to hold the gun in place
• The belt slots

How does the pancake holster attach?

Pancake holsters have two or three belt slots, but the most common ones are those with three belt slots. Unlike belt loops, belt slots provide less wiggle room for the holster and as such, hold the holster tighter to your body.

As you wear the pancake holster, ensure you try it out in different positions and settle on the most comfortable one. Remember that drawing your gun should be as natural as possible, especially in an emergency where you don’t want to be fumbling for your weapon so ensure that you’re comfortable with the holster’s position.

How do you pick the right pancake holster size?

Each gun has its specific holster like kydex pancake holster for example. So when shopping, look at the specs of the holster. Most companies indicate which particular gun sizes fit best. It’s rare to find pancake holsters coming with a thumb guard retention, so its only friction that holds your gun in place; this is why finding the right size is extremely crucial.

You wouldn’t want to find yourself in a scenario where because of an oversized holster, your gun falls to the ground while you’re running or in an instance where you fail to draw your weapon in good time because it got stuck longer than usual. By finding the right holster, you can avoid such embarrassing moments.

Dressing for the right carry

With the right pancake holster, the next step is to wear appropriate clothing. Be cautious not to pick long or baggy clothes. Such clothes often draw unnecessary attention and could make people suspect that you’re carrying a firearm. Natural fitting clothing is likely to not get in your way when pulling your gun.

Can anyone wear a pancake holster?

Yes indeed! Anyone can wear a pancake holster. They are quite ideal for people who:

• Have large abdomens
• Experience lower back pain
• Fancy a holster that’s easy to conceal
• Are fed up with bulky holsters that hang off the belt

For you to properly hide a gun carried in a pancake holster, you’ll need to wear a t-shirt or jacket hanging at least 8 inches below your belt line. In a nutshell, if you pick the right pancake holster for your gun, wear it at a comfortable angle and dress in a manner that works with the holster, then you’ll always have a hassle-free shooting!