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The 9mm Handgun

9mm Handgun

There are many different caliber handguns manufactured all over the globe. But one seems to stand out amongst the rest. The 9mm pistol. Because of its size, the 9mm has become one of the most popular sized caliber handguns today. Because of its lightweight frame, it is one of the best choices for open carry or concealed carry protection. It is best described as the overall perfect package. The 9mm packs a decent amount of stopping power along with maintaining a lightweight carry, and a less of a chance of over penetrating your intended target. With the 9mm being a very popular choice when it comes to handguns, its ammunition can be found rather easily. With different grain bullets, the 9mm handgun can pack a decent punch. But the build of it makes it the perfect weight to fire. Used by lots of militaries and police departments all over the world should be a good indication that the 9mm is an overall great gun. There are a lot of different manufacturers that craft 9mm handguns. All which have there own twist on the overall gun. So finding the one that suits you best might be a challenge. But the overall experience of testing each manufactures take on an already amazing gun will be quite a thrilling experience. You just have to figure out which is best for you. Perhaps one with a 180-grain bullet, or perhaps a hollow point. It might be a 9mm compact handgun or one with an extended magazine. All which have many different add ons such as laser sights and scopes. No matter which you choose. You will sure to love the overall stopping power/recoil ratio that makes the 9mm handgun such a great and well-made gun. And will continue to be for w very long time.