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The Best Guns for Security Teams

A gun is an essential weapon when it comes to the security teams. They usually use the gun to safeguard themselves as well as the life of other people. The security teams are mandated to carry their guns, and as you are aware of this, there are a variety of gun options out there, so you have to think of the strategies to evaluate the perfect gun for you. Choosing a perfect gun can be overwhelming because you have to be well-informed of the guns available and the ones that can be relied on and those termed as the top guns for the security teams and other officers who carry the guns. You also need a gun that is not too heavy to carry.

The discussed below are the best guns for security teams

Glock 22

This is the popular firearm among the security guards and other officers entitled to maintain law and order. The Glock 22 is more powerful when compared to other handguns. This gun was first put into practice in the year 1990, and after a short duration it was found to be the most preferred gun over the other guns and this lead to an increase in its popularity, as it becomes one of the best guns for both the military and other security teams.
It’s the perfect gun for security guards due to its high level of accuracy, and it’s not too heavy to carry.

Ruger LC9

The Ruger LC9 with a tuckable holster weighs more than 16 ounces, and it’s approximately 6 inches in terms of length, it’s an ideal option for law enforcement officers who have to carry their gun all the time. The good thing about this gun is that it is semi-automatic. Most of the security firms have opted for this type of gun because of its lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around during the patrols.

Beretta Model92

Beretta is the only ancient manufacturer producing guns across the globe. The Model92 was first used in the year 1972 and was flexible to carry around, quite easy in terms of firing and its reduced size made it simple to handle when compared to other weapons. Model 92c was introduced after that and resembled the firearms which were already in the market as they were semi-automatic, but as a result of being too light to carry around and its fantastic aim, its popularity accelerated with security teams being on the market for more powerful firearms that were flexible to carry when off-duty.

Heckler and Koch HK45

Heckler and Koch are a firearm manufacturer in German, and they commenced their operations in the year 1940. They specialize in the production of a variety of guns. The Company up-to-date produces the best quality guns which are currently being used. The HK45 was built purposely to cater to the needs of law enforcement forces and was thoroughly tested for accuracy, power as well as the durability during the active firing. One of the advantages of this gun is that it makes it easier for security guards to incorporate the laser lights as well as the silencers to this gun. This what makes it popular among the security teams.

The discussed above is the best gun for security teams. After you cose the on for you, you’ll still have to find the best kydex iwb holster. The above firearms are the most preferred firearms by most security teams because of being lightweight and offering higher levels of accuracy.